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We work with our clients to create beauty and enduring value from complex conditions, informed by our experience working and thinking across a spectrum of design disciplines, scales and geographies.

Founded in 2017 by Mark Little, Participant Studio operates amongst the fields of architecture, urban design, interior design, landscape design and design strategy.  The firm’s work is based on on the belief that design is a bridge between people, business, culture and the environment. 


Our work is motivated by a profound commitment to finding innovative design solutions, with a dedication to artistic thinking and collaboration undertaken with a spirit of curiosity and discovery.  We continually reconsider the fundamentals of design and are committed to finding solutions that are architecturally, socially and intellectually relevant. We believe that design is attractiveness, atmosphere, aesthetics and functionality. It is considering people and problems, individuals and groups as well as the systems in which they live. It is encouraging responsible behavior and choices, challenging our preconceptions, exploring fellowship and ownership, advancing cultural diversity and expressing individual, group and societal identities. Ultimately, it must be understood through the lens of how people interact with it, and the interactions it facilitates.  

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