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Barilla Visitor's Center

Location: Parma, Italy
Client: Competition
Project Team:  Participant Studio
Mark Little - Principal in Charge
Erik Kramer - Senior Designer


The Barilla Pavilion is designed to both blend with it’s environment and act as a beacon. Drawing  inspiration from local landmarks, the Teatro Farnese and the Battistero di Parma, the circular building is designed to emerge from the landscape, while the veil of the exterior skin dissolves its mass.
The site is planted with wheat, as is the roof.  The site gently slopes up to meet the building. On the upper level, a large opening in the façade draws visitors into a large central Atrium.  Two floors of program house a theater, retail flagship, art gallery, exhibition space, offices, labs, cooking school and restaurant.  
On the lower level, the theater has the ability to open up to an outdoor courtyard to allow for large gatherings and outdoor seating for performances.


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