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Bonterra Winery Tasting Room

Location: Healdsburg, CA
Client: Fetzer
Project Team:  8 inc
Mark Little - Principal in Charge
Erik Kramer - Senior Designer


Long before organic produce filled the shelves of neighborhood groceries, the dedicated team at Bonterra was committed to Biodynamic and organic farming because they passionately believe that farms teeming with biodiversity—encompassing vines, insects and wildlife, and healthy soils—yield organic grapes leading to better wines.
The winemakers tasked us with creating a space for people to celebrate their wines, but also for the community to come together, hold events and learn about Biodynamic growing.  The small tasting room in downtown Healdsburg was created from a kit of parts which is reconfigurable if needed.  A system of posts, connectors and heavy timber bases form a framework from which a variety of retail display, wine tasting, and museum exhibits can be constructed.  All materials are locally sourced or salvaged in keeping with the ethos of the winery.

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