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Location: Global
Client: GM
Project Team:  8 inc, 11 inc
Mark Little - Principal in Charge 


New-car introductions at dealerships used to be met with the same enthusiasm reserved for iPhone launches. Nowadays, by the time a new vehicle hits the showroom, anyone with an Internet connection has seen it in every color and angle imaginable. And they’ve also been told by third parties exactly how much they should pay for it. Dealerships, once a place for inspiration and romance, have been turned into inventory lots focused more on transactions than storytelling.


We helped change that narrative. Our 3-year global engagement leveraged a human-centered process involving cultural ethnography, focus groups with both customers and dealers, analogous + competitive research, one-on-ones, low-fidelity prototyping and digital interactions which culminated in an 18,000 sq. ft. high-fidelity retail lab.

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