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Location: Global
Client: Citibank
Project Team:  8 inc
Tim Kobe, Mark Little - Prinicipals in Charge


Citibank Japan went from #57 in customer satisfaction to #1 after we launched the Smart Banking Program. Our goal was to transform retail banking, to move away from product-centric and towards customer-centric. To provide people with clear information, direct connections and simple tools.

At over 100 Smart Banking branches around the world, Citibank customers can explore their needs through interactive experiences. They're greeted by a touch-screen Planning Table where they can find information about branch services. The Work Bench, Service Browser and 360 Station provide transaction services, and video conferencing with specialists is available. Brochures and giveaways have been eliminated, with all information transmitted digitally to the customer. It's the next generation of banks and banking, and it's changed people's relationship with their money.

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