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Location: Global
Client: Dolby
Project Team:  8 inc
Mark Little - Prinicipal in Charge


We partnered with projection and sound experts Dolby Laboratories to create a unique and differentiated cinema experience around the world by integrating design and technology. 

The design of Dolby Cinema begins with the basic understanding that the audience is at the center of the experience.  Crossing this threshold, visitors are guided along a curved pathway immersed in full-height projected imagery and sound, creating a sensory transition and separation from the theater lobby into the auditorium.  As audiences enter the Dolby Cinema auditorium they will be met with a room like no other, a wall-to-wall-to-ceiling screen appears to float in the space with an ethereal blue halo lighting softly edging the screen and pathways to create a sensual, dynamic environment. The design is intended to subtly change the perception of space and light, heightening sensation and emotion.

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