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Donors Choose

Location: San Francisco, CA
Project Team:  8 inc
Mark Little - Principal in Charge 
Scott Smardo - Studio Director 
David Herman - Senior Designer needed a space that would motivate the staff, delight visitors and serve as a true reflection of their core beliefs and identity. From initial site selection to final construction we helped create a cost conscious, open, flexible workspace.


Drawing influences from an iconic schoolhouse aesthetic, the design takes the tools and forms typically found in educational spaces and reinterprets them for the modern office. The reference to classrooms continues in the palette of natural materials and soft tones with bright pops of color, and the use of playful school-related iconography present throughout the space. 


When Donor’s Choose expanded their offices in San Francisco, we drew on our experience desgning their NY offices and adapted it to fit their SF space.  We took cues from the NY design, depending on donated time, materials and deep discounts from our suppliers.   

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