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Edgewood House

Location: Mill Valley, CA
Client: Confidential
Project Team:  
Mark Little - Lead Designer (8 inc)
BJ Siegel - Senior Designer (8 inc)
Tim Kobe - Principal in charge (8 inc)
Structural Engineering: Arup
Landscape Design: SWA


Located on a rare residential lot on Richardson's Bay, this project takes advantage of the limitations of the site to inform the design. Sitting immediately adjacent to Hwy101, a series of massive stone walls emerge from the sloped site and orient the house towards Sausalito and San Francisco. In conjunction with the green roof and triple glazed windows, these walls also help mitigate the noise from the freeway.

The project is simple and honest in its organization and materiality. All of the rooms are arranged along a single corridor which runs the length of the house, terminating on either side in outdoor terraces.  Limestone is used as a primary building element for walls and the flooring of major circulation areas.  A family of finishes of a single variety of limestone (polished, honed, distressed and split-face) bring a rich variety of textures to the project and strengthen the connection to the site.  Solid mahogany windows provide expansive views across the bay.

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