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Location: China (various)
Client: Ford Lincoln
Project Team:  8 inc


‘The Lincoln Way’ was launched in three key sites across China in November 2014 and the result was beyond everyone's expectations. The new concept stores received the highest customer satisfaction results in 30 years at Ford, and the sales performance of each site made the dealerships number 1, 2 and 3 in sales for the global Lincoln brand.

Originally asked to propose a new design for a 4S dealership — the traditional dealership model in China — our strategic insight into unique customer needs and contextual challenges of the existing model instead led to our proposal of a new Lincoln ecosystem.  Experience flows for each of the ecosystem components – Lincoln House, Mk. Shop, Star Lounge and Concourse (4S dealership) – were developed, along with the Lincoln Team and ‘Lincoln Touch’ to support these experiences. Our strategic approach increased customer visibility, access and engagement.

Rooted in the notion of great residential hospitality and a ‘one size fits none’ approach, the Lincoln experience is a completely new automobile experience – one that is personally crafted and distinct through a human and accessible approach. 

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