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New Story
3d printed homes

Location: Tabasco, Mexico
Client: New Story
Project Team:  Fuseproject

Yves Behar: Creative Director
Mark Little: Design Lead
Jonathan Ighares: Senior Designer


For families living on less than $200 per month, access to safe housing that provides shelter from both environmental and physical danger is critical. While vulnerable populations are typically the last to benefit from innovation, 3D printing, in particular, offers a new and powerful tool to scale to affordable housing and elevate the lives of some of the most impoverished populations around the globe.

Our solution allows the homes to adapt to local environmental conditions such as climate and seismic activity. 3D printing uniquely enables built-in elements such as counters in the kitchen and bathroom, seating, shelves, and ledges in the walls, and embedded structural hooks for building closets, storage, and clothes-lines. 

We’ve created options and areas for customization that families can choose from to help them personalize their homes, feel a sense of ownership, community, and security. The process has been beautifully collaborative and has led to creative solutions for an adaptive design born in partnership with the local community.

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