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Virgin Clubhouse

Location: San Francisco, CA
Client: Virgin
Project Team:  8 inc
Mark Little - Senior Designer 
Tim Kobe - Principal in charge 


Over the years, the romance has slowly been drained out of travel. We worked with Virgin to create a destination that embodied both the classic and unconventional qualities of the San Francisco area and the youthful, exuberant spirit of the airline itself. The result was a unique oasis for Virgin Atlantic customers, which challenged the accepted convention of sterile, impersonal airport lounges and brought the glamour back to travel.
Organized into several zones, it offers everything a weary traveller could want, including a full-service bar, lounges with armchairs for work or relaxation, tables for dining, a business center, a complete kitchen, toilets and showers. The long southern wall is occupied by a window that overlooks the runways, and is shaded by a series of sliding glass panels that create a daily animation of colored light across a luminous glass bar and reception.

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